Here is how it works:

Open the email and click on ‘Review Documents’.


It will take you to a new window that looks like this:


Check the ‘I agree to do business electronically with David Morrell’ box at the bottom and then ‘Review Document’.

Click each of the yellow tabs on the left of the screen (‘start’, ‘initial’, ‘sign here’, ‘next’) and then when prompted, click ‘confirm signing’.

If you have not used Docusign before, it will prompt you to adopt your signature:


Pick a style from the right hand column and then click ‘Adopt and Sign’.

Once you have completed signing, you can save a copy of the document or download a PDF copy of the document.

Then, the file will automatically be sent to whoever is next to sign until the process is complete, at which time the complete document will be sent back to David.

[Please note: If there are two signers using the same email address, an email will be sent to the first signer and once they have completed signing it will automatically be sent back to the same email account for the next person to sign.]