Coastal Homes: Understanding the Market, What Do the Experts Think? [July 2018 Issue]

Q: It’s Summer!  What do you tell perspective sellers as to why this is the best time of year to sell their home?

Dear Santa Cruz County Sellers,

Your buyers are out looking in the summer. For your buyers, being free from many of their time constraints, coupled with long days of sunlight, favors an easier search process. They know they can ask their Realtor to show them homes anytime between 6:00 a.m and 8:30 p.m and they will be ready to have you in their car to tour the county. Of course if you choose a 6:00 a.m. start time you may have to begin by visiting vacant homes, but by 8:00 a.m. the most motivated sellers will gladly swing open their doors and take a walk with their cup ‘o tea. The most important factor in selling your home is getting buyers on your property as conveniently for them as is possible for you.

The number of houses listed for sale increases in the summer, but so does the pool of buyers. Second home buyers are here for longer than the usual weekend vacations; relocation buyers are needing to close escrow before school starts or before a new job gets busiest; and, the University of California’s new faculty and new staff are here looking to get settled before the beginning of the fall quarter, which starts in mid-September here. The UC has increased enrollment and is now hiring again, after implementing a hiring freeze in many departments while battling poor economic times. That constraint has been lifted for the most part, so a backlog of need is getting filled. Those are just short list of examples of the many types of well qualified buyers looking for a special place like yours.

Summer is a time for people to re-group. If buyers are changing their lives by purchasing a home, whether they are moving from far away or just moving cross county, summer is the more open and less stressful time for them to look and to find. The many demands of spring; taxes, schools, project deadlines, product launches, and the day to day shuttling of children (if applicable) has passed and stress and blood pressure readings are reduced to a more normal state. Summer camps keep part of the family entertained allowing your buyers the freedom to see your home in the middle of the day as well as in the evening. It is no small matter that on weekdays after work hours are filled with sunlight. There is enough time for a buyer to relax before going to an appointment to see a house.

Especially in California, decks and patios add livable space to the square footage of your home. Showing off the flow from inside to outside is easier in the summer. For about 250 days a year (the outstanding weather in Santa Cruz) that outdoor space is integral to how you occupy your property. Being able to show your outdoor spaces off on a beautiful long summer day is an advantage to a seller.

For sellers, most obviously, buyers are the key. When demand is at its highest, and you are ready, able, and willing to stage your home to show off all of its qualities (with the help of your agent, naturally, or just leave it all to him or her), then this is the time of year to be on the market. If you are an investor this is a period you might be in-between tenants. If you are able to leave the house vacant it will sell in its current condition with the caveat that you may want to paint. Your property will also sell with tenants intact; the market is that hot for sellers. Dozens of both home buyers with the intent to occupy, as well as buyers looking for income property, are looking at your house. Remember to wash your windows so your garden, your patio, your decking, and the yard views from your kitchen, your dining room, your bedrooms, your office, your living room, and your family room can be seen at their best. Plus, your flowers are in bloom! Everyone knows that the bloom on a rose makes one swoon.

David Morrell ~ Realtor
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